Shapiro Arato Bach Wins Trial Defending Technology Company and Its Founder Against Claims That They Breached a Contract and Stole an Idea

On September 29, 2020, following a five-day trial and post-trial briefing, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a decision deciding all claims in favor of our clients HYPR Corp. and George Avetisov.  HYPR Corp., founded by Avetisov, provides technology solutions to help businesses secure their systems and prevent fraud.  Plaintiff claimed a 50% interest in HYPR Corp. based on an agreement he signed with Avetisov before HYPR Corp. was formed and based on the claim that he had come up with the underlying idea for the technology.  The District Court found that “[i]t is Plaintiff and not Avetisov . . . who breached the agreement”  and that “[t]he record and logic both support a finding that the technology . . . was initially Avetisov’s idea.”

Partner Jonathan Bach led the trial effort with assistance from partner Eric Olney and associate Jacob Wolf.

The decision in Dhaliwal v. Avetisov can be found here.