Shapiro Arato Bach Article on Copyright Law Featured in July/August 2019 Issue of Intellectual Property Magazine

Shapiro Arato Bach partners Cynthia Arato and Daniel O’Neill authored an article that has been published in the most recent issue of Intellectual Property Magazine.  The article, “A Literary Tale,” concerns the firm’s successful representation of the trustees of the J.D. Salinger Literary Trust in connection with litigation over the unauthorized publication of three of the late-author’s early short stories.

As discussed in the article, Shapiro Arato Bach helped the trustees obtain favorable judgments in lawsuits they brought against foreign publishers in both Germany and Italy, and the judgments are also significant rulings under international copyright law.  They provide important guidance to publishers and rightsholders alike that works that have fallen into the public domain in one country nonetheless may continue to be protected by copyright and/or moral rights abroad.

The article can be found here.