Partner Cynthia S. Arato to Speak at Silicon Flatirons Conference on Generative AI and Copyright

On October 6, 2023, Cynthia Arato will be one of the featured panelists at the University of Colorado’s Silicon Flatirons Conference on Generative AI and Copyright, speaking on “The Copyright Law of Generative AI.”

The conference will explore the rapidly evolving dynamics shaping the interplay between generative AI and copyright and copyright’s role in intermediating the development of AI technology and its impact on creative industries. The conference will assess the bleeding edge of copyright’s doctrinal application to AI, consider the impact of the law on creators and technologists, and consider future directions for copyright’s intersection with artificial intelligence.

The conference is open to the public and will be presented in-person and virtually.  You can obtain more information here:  Conference on Generative AI and Copyright.