Cynthia Arato Named as Co-Chair of New York State Bar Association Task Force on Crisis in Local Journalism

Shapiro Arato Bach partner Cynthia Arato will co-chair a New York State Bar Association task force to tackle the crisis of shrinking local news outlets in the digital age.  Arato will serve with co-chair David McCraw, Deputy General Counsel for The New York Times.  The task force brings together experts from media, business, and legal sectors to explore whether there are appropriate legal responses to remedy the decline in local journalism outlets.  The task force will hold hearings and public forums throughout New York state and expects to present a report and recommendations to the State Bar in 2020.

The initiative has received widespread coverage in the press, both in New York state and around the country, including stories in the Chicago Tribune, US News & World Report, and the Houston Chronicle.

More information regarding the initiative can be found in the attached press release from the New York State Bar Association.