Alexandra Shapiro’s Supreme Court Argument Receives Widespread News Coverage

As described more fully here, on October 5, 2016, Alexandra Shapiro argued before the Supreme Court of the United States in Salman v. United States, No. 15-628, the first insider trading case that the Court has heard in nearly two decades.  Ms. Shapiro’s argument has since received widespread news coverage.  Below are some of the articles that have appeared:

  • The New York Times, “What Is a ‘Personal Benefit’ From Insider Trading? Justices Hear Arguments”
  • The Wall Street Journal, “Supreme Court Appears Skeptical of Radically Altering Insider-Trading Rules”
  • Forbes, “Supreme Court Justices Push Back On Government’s Expansive Insider-Trading Theories”
  • The New York Law Journal, “Justices Wary of Tinkering with Insider-Trading Prosecutions”
  • The Washington Post, “Is it insider trading to share corporate information with a relative? Supreme Court hears arguments”
  • USA Today, “Supreme Court seeks to clarify insider trading”