Alexandra Shapiro Discusses Presidential Debates Case on Independent Voter Podcast

On Monday, February 27th Alexandra Shapiro appeared as a guest on the Independent Voter Network (“IVN”) podcast hosted by author T.J. O’Hara. Alexandra discussed the history of the Commission on Presidential Debates (“CPD”), the organization responsible for sponsoring the general election presidential and vice-presidential debates, and the lawsuit  filed by Plaintiffs Level the Playing Field, Peter Ackerman, the Green Party of the United States, and the Libertarian National Committee, Inc., against the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) challenging the staging of the presidential debates by the CPD. The lawsuit challenges the FEC’s dismissal of two administrative complaints alleging that the CPD violates federal election law requiring debate-sponsoring organizations to be non-partisan and to use “objective criteria” to determine who may participate, as well as the FEC’s dismissal of a related petition for rulemaking.

IVN is the news network of the Independent Voter Project,  a non-partisan organization dedicated to voter education and election reform.

Listen to the podcast in full here. You can read more about our lawsuit against the FEC here and here.