Alexandra Shapiro Argues Appeal Relating to Government’s Grand Jury Leaks in The Second Circuit

On May 29, 2018, Alexandra Shapiro presented oral argument in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on behalf of our client, Las Vegas businessman William Walters, in his appeal of his insider trading conviction.  Ms. Shapiro’s argument focused on Mr. Walters’ claim that the government’s pervasive violation of grand jury secrecy, in order to revive its then-dormant investigation, and subsequent misrepresentations about these violations prejudiced Mr. Walters and required dismissal of the indictment or, in the alternative, an evidentiary hearing to determine the full extent and impact of the government’s misconduct.  Ms. Shapiro further argued that, at a minimum, Mr. Walters is entitled to a new trial because the government’s star witness, who allegedly provided Mr. Walters with inside information, lied to the jury about how these tips supposedly occurred.

Copies of our briefs are available here and here.

The oral argument audio is available here, and the oral argument transcript is available here.